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The lightweight and high-strength structure of our HydroPlanks make them the ideal choice for any size of solar park development. Each landscape presents its own unique set of drainage challenges, both in and around your installation. It is necessary to overcome these challenges for the certification, efficient operation and longevity of your solar park.
We understand that time is critical and overrun on a 10 MW project, in terms of loss of generation and interest during construction, in addition to penalties for exceeding timelines can cost over $100,000 per day.
HydroBlox is a proven solution, that has been adopted by major developers in the United States. It will combat the risk of delays and save you days, if not weeks in construction time:
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to store and transport.
  • No requirement for large trenches, gravel, sand, aggregate, fittings or fabric barriers.
  • Instead narrow slots are cut into the land minimizing ground disturbance, and removing the need for large scale excavation / earth removal in and around your installation.
  • A compact labor force with lighter equipment are able to, rapidly complete this phase of your construction with greater efficiency.
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HydroBlox and our unique water management solution can be easily connected into any existing drainage infrastructure or it can be used to redistribute clean water (filtered from silts) into the natural environment.
However, with the unique capillary action and filtration qualities of HydroBlox, you now also have the ability to passively channel storm water and water used to clean your solar panels into to collection points, so that this precious resource can be reused directly onsite. Provided to you is a self-contained, environmentally friendly, cost effective, water management and panel cleaning solution for your installation.

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