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Whether installed under a baseball field, playground or golf course fairway, HydroBlox HydroPlanks can improve drainage efficiency and performance of natural grass or artificial turf. A superior replacement for traditional French Drains and systems of aggregate and PVC pipe, HydroPlanks are easy to install for any new or existing sports field or facility.
With HydroBlox HydroPlanks, you don’t have to worry about getting a wet, muddy field ready in time for the big game. To ensure proper athletic field drainage, HydroPlanks can be easily installed side by side in slit trenches, either vertically or horizontally, with the root zone and turf above the HydroBlox base. The longevity of the product allows for a maximum field usage, requiring less upkeep and manpower.
HydroPlanks is the ideal permanent, efficient drainage solution for baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse fields – from the recreational level and school, to college and professional leagues.

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Why HydroPlanks for Turf and Sports Drainage?
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Eliminates costly, recurring field maintenance
  • Permanent solutions
  • Does not clog; no need to clean or remove accumulated silt
  • Easy to transport and handle
  • Significantly less expensive than aggregate
  • No geotextile is required
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Turf and Sports Drainage Applications:
  • Sports Fields
  • Schools and Playgrounds
  • Golf Courses.