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HydroBlox’s DuraBase is a superior sub-base that replaces expensive aggregate and dirt substrate under paving stones, highways, roads and railways. Easy to transport, handle and install, DuraBase promotes efficient road drainage, prevents cracking, and reduces costs associated with recurring maintenance and reclaiming. Due to its porous, high-void composition, DuraBase material is proven to become stronger with added weight loading and can withstand heavy trafficking. When used as a sub-base beneath railways, rather than compacted dirt, DuraBase moves water away from the tracks to prevent pulsing.

DuraBase Features:
  • Dimensions: 8' long x 9” wide x 2” deep
  • Weight: 30 pounds. (approx.)
  • Support 102.41 tons/sq. ft. of compression
  • Drainage capacity of more than 0.810 gal/sq. ft. /sec.
  • 75% lighter than aggregate
  • Environmentally friendly, made of 100-percent recycled materials

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