Installation Guide
Installing HydroBlox is much faster and easier than any other drainage system. NO filter fabric or aggregate is required. Simply trench and drop the HydroBlox plank in.

Tools Required
  • Trenching machine
  • Shovel
  • HydroBlox
  • Safety Glasses
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Step One
Layout of the drain field is done using the same pattern as with traditional systems.
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Step Two
Dig a trench between 2” and 4” wide and 12” deep.
Step Three
Slide the HydroBlox vertically into the trench. Take care to ‘butt’ the planks against each other. Perfect contact between planks is not necessary. HydroBlox can be easily cut using a circular saw.
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Step Four
Fill the trench with the previously excavated soil and reseed.

Connecting to Existing Drainage Systems
In most cases, the layout of HydroBlox can direct the water to a dry area in the yard. Should it be necessary to connect HydroBlox to a solid stormwater pipe, this is easily accomplished by using a HydroBlox Transition Box
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Support is available at and at 724-719-2660.
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