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HydroBlox, Inc., manufactures drainage, stabilization, green infrastructure and filtration solutions that are proven to be technically superior to traditional systems. Made from recycled thermoplastics, HydroBlox’s products are permanent solutions that do not clog, are easy to install and handle, require little to no maintenance are high strength and long lasting. Whether you are looking for a more efficient solution for drainage, water treatment, ground stabilization, retention/detention, or permeable paving, HydroBlox has a solution for you!

Learn more about HydroBlox and how our innovative drainage, infrastructure and filtration solutions can help meet the specific needs of your industry—or contact us today for a personal product overview.
HydroBlox is proud to announce two new products
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In addition to standard HydroBlox, we now have HydroBlox HD. This is a heavier and more durable product that allows trafficking directly on the plank. The flow rate is approximately 50-55% of regular HydroBlox.
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HydroBlox 360 is the result of a new method to reuse plastic from the oil & gas industry. The result is the most environmentally friendly and technically superior product on the market.